ELINA KATSIOULA-BEALL           Dewitt Designer Kitchens

Award winning Kitchen & Bath designer


Elina’s focus and passion is design. Good design is composed of elegant solutions. 
The design problem is the totality of the project, including function, style, budget, and, what you want but may not yet consciously know. Design is a voyage, a discovery.

Elina asks her clients to pin or email photos; or tear pages from magazines, circling details that attract them. She asks them to be spontaneous and uninhibited while doing this, because it will tell her a lot she needs to know. She also asks for a wish list of everything their ideal room would contain and accomplish. Then Elina measures and drafts and dreams and schemes until the light dawns. Each solution she comes up with is unique, because each of us is.    

Elina’s presentation includes floorplans, elevations, material samples.  It begins the conversation.     
Final plans button down the magic of lighting and mechanical details. Frank Lloyd Wright said, “There is no such thing as a minor detail.” And he was Wright.