ELINA KATSIOULA-BEALL           Dewitt Designer Kitchens

Award winning Kitchen & Bath designer

Think Kitchen Design​

Our homes are our solace and comfort, shelters from a discordant world. They are reflections of who we are, where we have been, where we are going. They are both our physical and our mental space. Their design should echo and amplify who we are.
     Today more wakeful time is spent in the kitchen than any other room. The design of our kitchen will mirror our personality and lifestyle. “What style should my new kitchen be?” In a restless world like this is fashion is ended before it began… How can we avoid looking at our kitchens three years from now and asking ourselves, “What was I thinking?” 
      The answer is that like every classic piece of art, a kitchen - whether traditional, transitional or modern- should speak of its time but endure the test of time. Classic means “enduringly beautiful.” Of everything that goes into a kitchen, the most important is design. Great design is simple, functional, graceful, and surprising: a joy to live with. It lifts everything around it. 
Elina’s focus is to create the most elegant and efficient rooms possible--- within the constraints of the space and the budget. 
   A kitchen is a practical place, as functional as a knife or a spoon. Its shape derives from what we ask it to do. Appliances and accessories are the wish-lists to be fulfilled in the process. The first necessity is to ask the right questions, such as:  
   "When you come in with bags of groceries, where do you set them down? When things come out of the dishwasher, where do they go? When the dishwasher is open, can you open the door to the refrigerator?"  
    These are simple, practical questions, but out of their answers a good thing is made. 
    A kitchen must be thought of in steps, both the sequential steps it takes to perform a task, and the physical running around that goes with it. In a kitchen, pretty is as pretty does. Whatever the style is, the bones -the structure- of a good kitchen remain the same, because the quest remains the same. 
    Trends come and go with zeitgeist. If a kitchen is constructed in a manner that works for you both practically and aesthetically, it will have a timeless elegance, even if it speaks very much of the time when it was made. Good design wears well, and in the end, it is priceless, because it's the difference between something you have to live with, and something you Love.