Nature was the muse. Elina followed her asking: what if the focal point was a quiet waterfall, cascading down through rocks to a basin?

All choices ride the green wave. Glass is the closest replica of water; the waterfall is a vertical, watery glass piece, flowing down to a stainless sink through a tailored mass of grey rocks. The natural “crannies” on the rock wall embody storage, -stainless steel niches. Glass dishes, bowls and wine glasses, are just water splashes settling into the crevices. Mother earth is represented by sustainable, reddish brown cabinetry with an island of engineered rosewood. On the island, the textured glass looks like a small pool of water, which pours down to form another water-table. All glass is illuminated from within. Dimmable blue LEDs in the niches, recessed halogens and pendants, alternate between sunlight and moonlight.

2009 National Award Winner, Best Showroom Display Category