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Elina picked up a pencil when she was two and never put it down. 
As a young girl in Athens, Greece, she sketched ancient ruins and later earned a degree in classic art. She then flew to Yale University, earned a Master’s degree in theatrical design and finally landed in Hollywood. 

Her design voyage came full circle in the entertainment industry when Elina returned as an Art Director in the Academy Awards. Along she launched a parallel career in Kitchen Design, partnering with husband DeWitt Beall and co-owning DeWitt Designer Kitchens. Elina is now designing kitchens in Los Angeles, London and Athens.

Recently she has been included in the Top 50 U.S. Innovators in her field. Milestones in the journey include seventeen National Awards for her Kitchen and Bath designs, HGTV appearances, numerous features in design publications, three Emmy Nominations and several theatrical awards.

Elina has assisted hundreds of clients in pursuing home harmony. Her designs look like film sets, capturing the clients’ psyche as if they are characters in their own life-movie. Her commitment to all clients is air and light, balance of proportions, a product mix that she can identify as magic, and room to dance in. 


                                        Roots in Classism. Wings in Innovation


“The number of compliments I get for my new kitchen is almost embarrassing –and of course the odd magazine cover and award doesn’t hurt! The island-table is the great source of pride and pleasure –the great curve and the mixture of materials and colors is just sublime. The final result of the work was more than I had originally dreamed of. The sheer amount of items you managed to squeeze into that small space is truly impressive. And the best result of all is that it has encouraged me to expand my cooking repertoire –not always with stellar results I’m afraid, but I can hardly blame the kitchen for that.”

Chris Newton, Kitchen

What do you mean, “Testimonial”??? 

Isn’t’ it enough that for thirty years now I keep returning to have you design every home and workplace? I have lost count. Sound stages? Kitchens? Bathrooms, powder rooms, interior design?  You’ve done it all, -brilliantly. I saw my homes published in magazines. You’ve got awards. I keep coming for more, you keep raising the bar –and alas, my budget… to which I follow my father’s advice: “Never say no to a woman.” 

Scott Webley, Serial Client

I never thought that your long-distance design for my home in Oregon would turn out to be so stylish and budget-shrewd. Nor did I anticipate that I would turn the home into an Airbnb and that every single guest would complement me on your design!

Alexandra Amourgis, Kitchen and Bathrooms

Designer Without Borders...

Salvador Fernandez & Jennifer Eich

There are not many kitchen designers around that have a master’s degree in stage design from Yale. I am happy I got my kitchen designed by one!

Rick Lasarow, Kitchen & Bathrooms

For writers like Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the kitchen becomes an intellectual space. However, Elina, as an artist, recreates your kitchen as a space full of colors and smells that capture your soul and life. 

Salvador Fernandez, Ph,D. Professor of Spanish

We would like to thank you very much for the beautiful kitchen that you have designed for us. It is now a focal point of our house. We can’t tell you how much we enjoy it every day! From beginning to end, you have been wonderful to work with, and we appreciate everything that you’ve done for us. We look forward to having the opportunity to working with you in the near future.

Ron & Latizia Einy, Kitchen

Today we tried the Miele dishwasher –for the first time. Katharine loves it-I’m not too sure. I didn’t hear ANYTHING! Yes, the dishes were clean at the end –but if I don’t hear ANYTHING, how can I be sure that something is happening? At any rate, we’re happy with EVERYTHING you’ve done for us and we can’t wait to show our friends your creation.

Demetrios Liappas & Katharine B. Free, Kitchen

The design of the kitchen you created for us is gorgeous, convenient and very calming to work in. Yet it occurs to us that each time you had an issue or a problem, you showed up, discussed in detail and did everything that you could to remedy the problem. That is what we truly appreciate. So many of our friends walk into our kitchen and cannot believe the transformation and all are telling us just how exceptional it looks and we heartily agree.

Susan Epstein & Michelle Castle, Kitchen

Pat and I would like you to know how very pleased we are with our beautiful new kitchen! We love how convenient it is to prepare meals and entertain. I never thought I would enjoy cooking this much. You really gave us everything we wanted on our list. I even have space left over!

Pat Hoeschen & Linda Robertson, Kitchen