Now the artist showcases her paintings in her own, at-home-gallery. Her kitchen was remodeled and lit with a dual goal: to cook and to host the openings of her art shows. 

The colors jump off of the painter’s palette. Above lavender countertops, her artwork is featured behind tempered glass on the backsplashes. The freezer panel becomes frame to three mini-oil-paintings. The cabinetry organizes cookware, food and party supplies. Appliances are positioned for both daily cooking and catering. The patrons’ art-viewing path starts in the living room, leads through the dining area to the kitchen, with the hors d’oeuvres on the island, and then to the breakfast area and beyond. As her brushstrokes magnified to envelop her, she writes: I am indulging in my kitchen; the openness makes me feel free, and the surrounded artwork inspires me and teaches me.