I bought me-self a house! I wouldn’t mind me-kitchen to be like a pub, for my buddies to stand around and have drinks…but also sit down and eat and watch movies I suppose… I like soft curves indeed! And all the cooking gadgets my kitchen can fit. And I drink no coffee, English Breakfast tea, 20 cups per day!

The design presents a U-shaped, fully equipped small kitchen, concealed behind a mid-height wall. The sink has a built-in colander, instant hot filtered water for tea, and a built-in-counter steamer. On the back side, the Carrara marble dividing wall steps down to the curvy island-table. Table-center, an S-shape entertainment sink in a marble nest is filled with ice for all 12 buddies. The space under the staircase is fitted with his well-stocked bar, including wine cooler and hanging-upside-down glassware. Cheers!

2007 National Award Winner, open Kitchen Category