Perched under the Hollywood sign, one of the original homes of the Hollywood Land, is the showcase of Elina’s design work. The newly remodeled kitchen, next to Elina’s office, carries the authentic Casa California Style to the 21st century.  The beauty shot is the Bertazzoni Heritage range, centered between coarse oak beams. Framed by white Columbia Cabinets, it is crowned by a stucco-textured, tile-imbedded hood. The same flower-tile is the border of the reclaimed Spanish tile rug, which transitions to softer wood by the work areas.The tile-in-wood theme is recurring on the bespoke oak table. A medley of colorful Mexican tile is drawing attention to the blue china hutch. The appliances are Miele, Elina’s other favorite brand.

Come sit with Elina in the wrap-around leather booth, spread inspiration on the table, and talk about your own dream kitchen!