Divided in three compartments, the original master bath separated a large bath tub from “his & hers” vanities and the closet. The new layout gives emphasis on personalized experience: self-care and dressing all in one space, bearing the emotional value of comfort.

Knocked down walls let the daylight travel through. The renovations present a spacious, glass-surrounded shower, designed to provide the same sense of relaxation previously reserved for the bathtub.  The spouses express their own meaning of individuality by sharing a vanity with ample storage for necessities and an elongated vessel sink with two faucets. Across from their glass-paneled walk-in closet, a modern armoire holds underclothing.

A sleek yellow barn door leads to the master bedroom, contrasting with grey-tiled floor and white cabinetry. Multi-colored, exotic knobs on the vanity add a rebel touch to the luxurious minimalism.