“Twist and turn and flow I suppose” –requested the British client. “I wouldn’t mind dancing with curves! -indeed!”

The design is a choreography of a curvilinear dance concept: it is seeking a melodic harmony in a combination of curves converging together. Drawing inspiration from natural shapes, the geometry of space is studying the flow of the curves of leaves and sea shells. Beyond shapes, Elina contemplated on movement, asking: how does a leaf gets carried by the wind? 
No matter how small the bath, there should always be room to dance in. Elina started with a combination of “S-shapes” for a swirling dance design: the vanity merges into an arched pony-wall, which, with its opposite curved wall, hides the toilet from the steam shower.  All components dance in a loop, -wall surfaces, mirrors, glass counter, lighting tracks.  

We are all part of that sacred geometry.