The textured title reads Salon des Dames -in French poster-lettering, right above an original Art Nouveau painting. Sweeping floral curves of the era cast in plaster surround the artwork.

Elina bridged two walls with a thick counter, which dips into the vanity sink. A gold-leafed towel-boat and a turn-of-a-century statue of a dragonfly dancer evoke the era. Two makeup seats tucked below double as storage. The French “vitrine” is stocked with perfumes, pompons & powder. Muted turquoise, celadon greens and earthy tones echo lake shades. The south wall was removed to allow for floor installation of a granite slab in its entirety.

All metal touches follow the Art Nouveau theme: the grab-rail, stemming to TP holder and the mailbox-waste basket; an antique-bronze, unexpected kitchen faucet; original Art-Nouveau sconces; and the vanity mirror, fashioned after a picture-locket of the era.

2012 National Award Winner, Best Powder Room, Powder Room Category