Elina’s focus and passion is design. Great design is simple, functional, graceful and surprising: a joy to live with. It is voyage of discovery composed of elegant solutions. The design puzzle is the totality of the project, including function, style, budget, and, what you want but may not yet consciously know.

Elina asks you to create your own “idea book” online, or with pages from magazines, circling details that attract you. Being spontaneous and uninhibited while doing this, will tell her a lot she needs to know. She asks a lot of questions; and for a wish list of everything your ideal room would contain.

Then Elina measures and drafts and dreams and schemes until she is sure that her design will cheer, comfort and inspire, -from your morning cup of espresso to your evening pot of tea. Each solution she comes up with is unique, because each of us is.

Her presentation includes floorplans, elevations and material samples, which begin the conversation. Final plans button down the magic of lighting and mechanical details. Frank Lloyd Wright said, “There is no such thing as a minor detail.” And he was Wright.


Download & Print Kitchen Questionnaire  

Download & Print Bathroom Questionnaire

M E N U   O F   S E R V I C E S


Elina will visit your home and talk to you, to get to know you and your needs. She will chat with you about how you want to use your space, and will propose several solutions for your remodeling project, based on your comfort level for your investment. The two-hour process includes rough sketches, ideas, as well as aesthetic & practical recommendations based on your lifestyle, cooking style & entertainment style.


Elina’s initial sketches are developed into a full design: the room takes its shape from what “it is asked to do” with a set of detailed plans and elevations, which include lighting & mechanical drawings. During this process an open channel of communication with Elina targets satisfaction of your ideas and wishes. Material specifications, appliances, fixtures and accessories are discussed, sourced and selected. The final plans are suitable for quotes by contractors, for permits and for construction.


Long-distance clients engage Elina to explore layouts and create prime design solutions. Her familiarity with both American and European types of construction has expanded to offer e-services. Photos, measurements and an initial video conference are sufficient to start the designs, which are discussed during their preparation. A complete set of plans with detailed elevations are emailed to clients and their builders. The building progression may be tracked on facetime, or travelling may well be arranged.


Being keen on bringing her designs to reality, Elina will help you source or provide genuine materials as specified in her drawings. Then she will follow up with the construction and installation process, from beginning to completion. To launch the production Elina also recruits a team of reliable vendor partners she has relationships with, builders, artisans and craftsmen, and she shares her own secret resources.