In a mid-century modern post-and-beam gem, the gulley kitchen was revived to echo its original charm. 
The center section of the dropped ceiling was opened up, exposing the original beams and a row of charming tilt-down vents. All of the removed forties plywood was restored and re-purposed, then combined with new wood on the hood surround and walls. The era dictated a linear arrangement of cooktops, vintage-style ovens, and the turquoise & red Formica cabinet design.
The shimmering charcoal granite counter forms a 54” wide apron sink with two faucets and two drains. The original 16-foot-long, "boat-style-cupboard" above the sink was refurbished. Elina refitted it with corrugated glass sliding panels and lit it inside to host all glassware. 
Bouncy cork flooring, like in Julius Schulman’s photos of mid-century modern homes, invite us to step into the fifties.

2013 National Award Winner, Best Kitchen, Small Kitchen Category