I want my kitchen to be my children's garden -asked the client: Imagine happy, bold green stems opening to a vibrant fuchsia flower bed! My garden will bear the fruits of my cooking to my little girls -my fairies!

The Luis Barragán-like, vibrant color palette makes you smile. Typically sustainable and green materials fashion the kitchen au courant and make it child-safe.
Main function request: a large, uninterrupted island for the mother to chop veggies, while facing the girls doing artwork across. On the fuchsia countertop, under a flower-shaped orange light, she now prepares her recipes -with all her spices and oils and recycling bins readily accessible in the lively green cabinets. The fairies go to the orange wall for ice-cream. Mommy cooks, while daddy encourages their artwork. A happy family life, in a kitchen made for children.

2012 National Award Winner, Green Kitchen Design