A powder room inspired by the spirit of the Samurai, was the request of our client, who collects antique Samurai swords and teaches iaido -Japanese swordsmanship. 

The miniature space was surrounded by shear walls, allowing no windows. Elina designed a ventilating skylight, which funnels daylight inside. Backlight comes from a floor-to-ceiling shoji panel, the room’s monumental element. A pair of ranma, Japanese wooden transoms, were turned to vertical swinging doors to separate the vanity area from the toilet compartment.

The vanity cabinet, an antique Japanese merchant’s ledger tansu chest with original black iron hardware, is topped with a chunk of black granite, hollowed out for the stone sink. A stunning, 42” long faucet, reminiscent of a samurai sword, soars from the wall above the vanity, slashing through the kimono-shaped mirrors, seeming ready to cut through the stone sink.

2011 National Award Winner, Best Powder Room, Powder Room Category